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I was bored, so here you go.

New York
The Clam Bay Gang are an Irish street gang that operate in Clam Bay, Queens, with over 20 members. The Clam Bay Gang are involved in gun running, money laundering, diamond smuggling, fencing, car hijacking, gang violence, graffiti, extortion, racketeering, and petty theft. They are rivals with the White Shadows, The Lost MC, and the H'art Gwys. 

The Irish-American Killers were a street gang that operated in New York City, based in the neighborhood of Queens. The Irish Americans were allied with the Jopok, Italian Mafia, Bratva, and M.O.B., while they were enemies of the Ming Triad.
The Irish-American Killers were founded in 1921 in Queens by Sergant Mike Fernadez , New York City, where they took over several speakeasies and rackets, making a considerable amount of money. They benefited from the introduction of narcotics in the 1940s, and bought ecstasy from the Italian Mafia and Russian Mafia, while they sold acid to the Korean Mob and African-Americans.
The Killers were close to the Korean Mob, but were enemies with the New York Triads, and in 2008, all of them were killed in a flamethrower attack by Ming Triad associate Huang Lee, who was sent there by Zhou Ming, after the Irish refused to give him a cut of the Acid that they traded with the Koreans.

The K&A Gang are an Irish-American organized crime syndicate that are based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with 16 members, founded in the 1950s. The gang is allied to the Buscetta crime family, Barzini crime family, the Kondonyanis crime family, and the Jewish Mob, while they are enemies with the Kielbasa Posse, the Brothers' Circle, Pennypack Gang, and various other street gangs.
The K&A Gang, named for the Kensington and Allegheny street corner where the gang was founded. The gang was composed of less than sixteen Irish-American gangsters from the street, but were powerful and worked as racketeers in Northeast Philadelphia and Port Richmond. The K&A Gang fought against the Kielbasa Posse, Russian Mafia, and various Philadelphia street gangs, while they worked with the Fiumara Crew of the Barzini crime family, Greek Mafia, Jewish Mob, and the Philadelphia Mob. The gang started out as a bank robbery force but soon joined the methamphetamine trade, and also back the Irish Republican Army.

The McReary crime family are an Irish criminal organization that currently operate in Queens and Hell's Kitchen, New York City, who are made up of 100 members, in the build of an Italian Mafia crime family, as opposed to the Westies, a similar organization that instead remain just a gang, not a family.
The McReary crime family was founded in 1990 by Derrick McReary, who was an Irish-American hoodlum from Jackson Heights, Queens. He hired Irish mobsters from Hell's Kitchen, and Underboss Packie McReary claimed that it had been called that because of the McRearys. They were some of the most powerful syndicates in all of New York, but in the 2000s, they declined, and were reduced to being contract killers for the Italian Mafia, or bank robbers. Most of the gang was consisted of hired guns, because the members spent all of their money on women and alcohol, and many of their enforcers were killed because of the encroachment of the Stracci crime family and the Bratva. In the 1990s, Derrick fled to Ireland because of his drug addiction, and his younger brother Gerald McReary took charge of the family and led it through the hard times that the family was facing, and in 2000, their father committed suicide, following years of molesting his children.
The family went to war with the Italian Mafia and Russian Mafia in 2008, with the McRearys stealing a drug shipment from the Straccis on Roosevelt Island, and they also blew up a Russian Mob warehouse in New Jersey, where they had some connections. The family also committed the Bank of Liberty robbery, stealing $1,000,000 from the bank after a heist that cost them Michael Keane, a made member, to a gun club member who attempted to heroically fend off the robbers with his pistol, who was in turn killed. After that, the McRearys attempted to get Tony Prince's diamonds by kidnapping Gracie Stracci, daughter of Giovanni Stracci, which led to an exchange between the two; the Straccis brought the diamonds, the Irish brought her. However, the deal went wrong as the Bulgarin crime family stormed the scene and stole the diamonds. The family was saved and weakened at the same time when Derrick was killed by Nikolai Bellic on the orders of Francis McReary, because he was an NYPD rat who threatened to expose McReary's corruption. His death prevented the McRearys from being surveilled by the police, but Packie and Gerald felt grief about it, and at his funeral in Chelsea, the procession was ambushed by Albanian gunmen sent by the Straccis.
Soon after, Gerald was thrown in prison, and with Derrick dead, Packie was the last leader. Between 2008 and 2013 he moved to Los Angeles, where he began an independent criminal career. The Irish Mob, now weak, was taken over by Gordon Sargent, the last surviving member in New York City.
Don: Gerald McReary
Consigliere: Derrick McReary
Underboss: Packie McReary
Capos: Gerry McReary, Aiden O'Malley, and Bucky Sligo
Soldiers: Michael Keane, Henry McKenna, and Gordon Sargent

The O'Rourke Brothers were a Hell's Kitchen Irish street gang that operated in the 1920s and 1930s. The gang was led by brothers Willie O'Rourke, Donnie O'Rourke, and Sean O'Rourke. Some of them were hired by mob boss Giuseppe Mariposa as hitmen during the Olive Oil War of 1933-1934, resulting in the near-death of Vito Corleone. However, most of them were killed in city warfare by Sonny Corleone, and Luca Brasi finished the rest off single-handedly. 

The Scrimgeour Gang are an Irish-American criminal organization based in Brooklyn, New York, founded by Owen Scrimgeour, an Irish immigrant. The gang dealt LSD to the M.O.B. and Korean Mob and bought ecstasy from the Russian Mafia and Italian Mafia. They fight other gangs for drugs and money.

The Waldron Gang were an Irish-American drug gang founded by Weary Waldron in 1935 in Harlem, New York. They dealt with heroin and allied with several Harlem drug gangs, yet fought with the Corleone crime family, and in 1972, they were eliminated by the Mafia in a gang war.

The Westies are an Irish-American criminal organization that operated in Hell's Kitchen in the 1920s, having control over the neighborhood for years as the strongest gang. However, in the later 1920s, the Cuneo crime family grew in power and Carmine Cuneo, Marco Cuneo and Luciano Fabbri conducted a mob war against them that whittled them down to almost nothing. As of 2013, they have 200 members.

The Chicago Syndicate was an organized crime syndicate founded in the early 1900s by "Big Louie" Costillo in Chicago, meant to be a collaboration between all of the gangs of the city. It was based at the First Ward Social Club on the Chicago South Side, which was a front of Costillo, where meetings were held by the bosses. The syndicate dissolved in 1932 when the Costillo Gang went defunct, and the bosses instead pledged allegiance to Tony Camonte.
The syndicate was the idea of Louis Costillo, an old-fashioned mob boss from Sicily. Costillo wanted to make the gangs in Chicago into one, organized, family, the first to concieve the idea of organized crime the way that we know it. The Chicago Syndicate was a good idea at first, which united the Kosher Nostra, Irish Mafia, and Italian Mafia into one gang, but the bosses fought each other during Prohibition over the bootlegging business. When Costillo was murdered in the purge of the old dons, Johnny Lovo took over and had a meeting with all of the Chicago bosses, where he announced his plans to get organized and make sure that they didn't cut each other's throats, planning out 3,000 saloons on the South Side with half of a million customers. His meeting was ignored by Publio Berdini, Hyman Ziegler, and Shannon Meehan, mob bosses who did not believe in his plans. The Syndicate got rid of the holdouts and united the southern beer ring, causing the south of Chicago to be unified. 
Later in 1932, ambitious Southside Capo Tony Camonte waged war against the O'Hara Gang of the North Side and attempted to take over his beer rackets, but failed to do so, as O'Hara continued fighting back, killing many of the Syndicate's men. Camonte succeeded in assassinating Charley O'Hara and Joe Gaffney, but Johnny Lovo wanted to get rid of him to stop the chaos, and when he failed, Camonte had Lovo killed by Guino Rinaldo, his right-hand man. The Syndicate was not under his rule for long, as he was killed in a shootout with the Chicago police.
Tony Camonte took over the syndicate by 1933, and his Tony Camonte Mob ruled the city as the primary family until the rise of the Viti crime family, and the city also rose with gangs, who ruined other crime families as well. The syndicate collapsed as Vito Corleone created the National Crime Syndicate, and later, The Commission took over.

The Doyle Gang, also known as the North Side gang, was a Prohibition-era gang of Irish, German, and Jewish mobsters led by Matt Doyle. They took part in bootlegging, as well as fighting mob wars against the South Side gang of Tony Camonte. In 1929, after the St. Valentine's Day Massacre, the band dissolved and Doyle died of lung cancer in jail, and no fanfare was played at his funeral.

The O'Donnell crime family was an Irish-American organized crime syndicate with links to the Chicago Outfit. Formerly based in Chicago, they attempted to move to New York City but they were wiped out by the Corleone crime family. O'Donnell Crime Family was a rival of Corleone, Barzini and Stracci crime families.
The family started in the 1920s in Chicago and were responsible for racketeering, illegal gambling, prostitution, arms trafficking, murder, fencing, extortion, assault, smuggling, bribery, and narcotics. Boss Patrick O'Donnell was a sly boss, working under the thumb of the Chicago Outfit; the O'Donnells tried to move to New York City under Chicago's eye. However, Patrick was thrown off a building by rival Corleone crime family gangster Aldo Trapani, who wanted to protect Corleone interests from the Irish Mob. Shortly after, the O'Donnells went to war with the Stracci crime family. Ray and James Scaleri were assassinated by Trapani, taking advantage of the war. With their members dead, the family was defunct.
Don: Patrick O'Donnell
Soldato: James Scaleri, Ray Scaleri and Sean Devlin

The O'Hara Gang was an Irish-American bootlegging gang from Chicago, founded by Charley O'Hara. They were wiped out in 1933 by Tony Camonte, who killed O'Hara and his successor Joe Gaffney.
Charley O'Hara was known to be an influential kingpin in the Chicago Beer Wars of the 1920s, and he became enemies with the Chicago Outfit of Tony Camonte. However, in 1933, Tony Camonte (of the Costillo crime family) headed to their territory on the North Side of Chicago and killed O'Hara in his flower shop. His friend Joe Gaffney became the new boss, and he waged war on Camonte across the city. Eventually, Gaffney too was taken down, killed in a bowling alley by Camonte. Camonte took control of his turf and men and became the new leader of his operation.

The Sheridan Gang was an Irish gang that operated in Greektown, Chicago, in the 1910s and 1920s, led by bootlegger Charlie Sheridan. The Sheridan Gang were rivals with the Chicago Outfit since they took over Charlie Sheridan's asset, George Anastasos, and this resulted in a gun battle at one of Sheridan's restaurants that left Sheridan and all of his men dead.

The Charlestown Mob is an Irish-American criminal organization that is based in Charlestown, Boston, which rivals the Winter Hill Gang for power, and its leaders Bernie McLaughlin and Edward "Punchy" McLaughlin were killed in 1965 in a mob war with the Winter Hill Gang. The gang is made up of 40-50 members, many of whom are involved in bank heists, which "The Town" is famed for. They are also enemies with the Providence crime family, the dominant Sicilian Mafia family in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The Colm Gang was a gang of Irish and Irish-American people, whose main focus was drug dealing, bank heists, and armored car robberies. In 2010, the gang ended when all of them were killed either by the FBI or by Doug MacRay, who shot Colm after he threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend.
Fergie Colm was a Scottish person who moved to Charlestown, Boston in 2005 and started his own gang there to make money. He also pushed drugs onto the streets from Fergie's, a flower shop that fronted a drug racket. His crew included Doug MacRay, James Coughlin, Albert Magloan, and Desmond Elden, who were famous robbers. His gang robbed six armored cars and two banks, but also committed the 2010 Fenway Park Heist, stealing $3 million in cash from the Red Sox baseball team. However, all but MacRay died in the firefight, and MacRay entered Fergie's and shot Colm and his bodyguard, after Colm informed him that his drugs caused his mother's death and that he would kill his ex-girlfriend if Doug deserted him.

The Costello Gang was the Irish Mob crime family that controlled most of Boston, which fought against the Patriarca crime family from Providence and the various black gangsters in the city. It dissolved in 2006, when the Boston Police Department cracked down on them.
The Costello Gang was founded in 1960 by Francis Costello, who was an Irish-American citizen. Costello and his right-hand man Arnold French hired enforcers such as Timothy Delahunt and Patrick Fitzgibbons, and they took over E Street, working an auto repair shop and the Park Luncheonette as rackets. Costello had police protection since he was an occasional FBI informant, ratting out members of other gangs, but never his own men.
Costello was racist against African-Americans, beating them down in the 1970s. His gang also fought against the Providence Mob, who were part of the Italian Mafia. He did business with the Triads in Boston, selling them microprocessors in 2006, which turned out to be fake, and he stole the whole suitcase of money.
The gang was brought under government attention in 2006 after Myles Kennefick stole some of the microprocessors, before Costello murdered him, because he was a liability. Costello made a deal with the Chinese government, so the FBI and Massachusetts State Police attempted to stop him. They tracked him down, since they had a rat in his organization, Billy Costigan, while Costello had a rat in the police, Colin Sullivan. Sullivan killed Costello in the Sheffield Warehouse shootout, after he found out that he was a member of the FBI, so that he could not rat him out. Sullivan killed Costigan at a shootout later on, to preserve his identity as a police officer, but he was killed as well. Every member of Costello's Gang had died by that point, most of them at the warehouse.
Boss: Francis Costello
Liutenant: Arnold French
Members: Patrick FitzgibbonsTimothy Delahunt, Jimmy Bags, Myles Kennefick,? and Colin Sullivan


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E.Honda + Goro Daimon =

Balrog + Axel Hawk =

Vega + Lee Pai Hong =

Sagat + Mr. Big =

Cammy + Blue Mary =

Fei Long + Hon Fu =

Dee Jay + Bob Wilson =

T. Hawk +  Black Hawk =

Akuma + Takuma Sakazaki =

Adon + Hwa Jai =

Guy + Eiji Kisaragi =

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Sakura + Yuri Sakazaki =

Rolento + Heidren =

Charlie + Clark Still =

Birdie + Brain Battler =

Rose + Chizuru Kagura =

Sodom + Billy Kane =

Cody + Rock Howard =

Karin + Hinako Shijou =

R.Mika + Lien Neville =

Juli + Mature =

Juni + Vice =

Maki + Leona Heidern =

Eagle + Kevin Rian =

Ingrid + Kula Diamond =

Evil Ryu + Wild Iori =

Remy + Freeman =

Makoto +Hotaru Futaba =

Q + Maxima =

Twelve + Jyazu =

Alex + Andy Bogard =

Yun + Kim Dong Hwan =

Yang + Kim Jae Hoon =

Ibuki + Hokutomaru =

Necro + Lin =

Oro + Nicotine =

Elena + Angel (KOF) =

Hugo & Poison + Choi & Chang =

Urien + Orochi =

Gill + Grant =

El Fuerte + Tizoc =

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Seth + Zero (KOF) =

Gouken + Takuma =

Ace + K9999 =

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Dhalsim + K = No

Blanka + Gen-An = Genanka

Zangief + Big Bear = Big Zangief

E.Honda + Goro Daimon = Goro Honda

Balrog + Axel Hawk = (I am using Michael Max with Balrog) = Michael Balrog

Vega + Lee Pai Hong = No

Sagat + Mr. Big = (I am using Samchay Tomyamgun with Sagat) = Sagat Tomyamgun

Cammy + Blue Mary = (I may use Leona with Cammy)

Fei Long + Hon Fu = (I am using Dragon with Fei Long) = Fei Lung

Dee Jay + Bob Wilson = Jay Wilson (This is better then using Zazie Muhaba like my original idea)

T. Hawk +  Black Hawk = Thunder Hawk

Akuma + Takuma Sakazaki = No

Adon + Hwa Jai = Hwa Adon

Guy + Eiji Kisaragi = No

Gen + Chin Gentsai = No (Maybe Gen with Lee Pai Hong)

Sakura + Yuri Sakazaki = Yuri Kasugano

Rolento + Heidren = Heilento

Charlie + Clark Still = Charlie Still

Birdie + Brain Battler = I don't think so

Rose + Chizuru Kagura = Rose Kagura

Sodom + Billy Kane = No

Cody + Rock Howard = Cody Howard

Karin + Hinako Shijou = Hinako Kanzuki

R. Mika + Lien Neville = No

Juli + Mature = No

Juni + Vice = No

Maki + Leona Heidern = No

Eagle + Kevin Rian = No

Ingrid + Kula Diamond = No

Evil Ryu + Wild Iori = No

Remy + Freeman = (I am using Iori Yagami with Remy) = Remy Yagami

Makoto +Hotaru Futaba = No

Q + Maxima = No

Twelve + Jyazu = Jyazu Twelve

Alex + Andy Bogard = No

Yun + Kim Dong Hwan = Kim Dong Yun

Yang + Kim Jae Hoon = Kim Jae Yang

Ibuki + Hokutomaru = No

Necro + Lin = Nerco Lin

Oro + Nicotine = (Nicotine looks to happy to merge with Oro)

Elena + Angel (KOF) = No

Hugo & Poison + Choi & Chang = Yes (but I have no idea for names)

Urien + Orochi = Maybe

Gill + Grant = Maybe

El Fuerte + Tizoc = El Grifon

Rufus + Jack Turner = Jack Rufus or Rufus Turner

Seth + Zero (KOF) = Zeth

Gouken + Takuma = Takuma Gouken

Ace + K9999 = Kace

The following are my ideas

Mai-Li (Mai Shiranui/Chun-Li)
Ken Garcia (Robert Garcia/Ken Masters)
Dan Higashi (Joe Higashi/Dan Hibiki)
Vanessa Crimson (Vanessa/Crimson Viper)
Hokuto Todoh (Kasumi Todoh/Hokuto)
Shingo Matsuda (Shingo Yabuki/Sean Matsuda)
(Duck King/J, Two P)
Jean Vega (Jean Pierre/Vega)
Mike Muscle (Muscle Power/Mike Hagger)

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